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Aug 14 12 8:12 PM

Hi Annakat!
Dr Jerome Siegal in NYC will prescribe you Alinia for 14 days- 500 mg x 2 for Blasto-. He prescribed it to me for Blasto recommended by Dr Stuppy in CA - who apparently treats & cures that way but unfortunately it did not work for me. I am also close to NYC- I got the triple Cocktail (Cdd) through a UK doctor who I worked with by skype- it was very easy & prescribes exactly as they do. Inbox me if you want that info.
I highly recommend you see Dr. Cahill. In a nutshell I took the CDD combo in May- I felt great immediately for 2 months. Not all- but many of my symptoms are back. I saw Cahill 2 weeks ago & he found another parasite after tons of stool tests did not pick it up. I would have definitely seen him from the start if I knew about him. Do some research - his credentials are so impressive- its hard to believe he still works as a regular doctor.
Yes- he does not believe in Blasto- as most don't. Since taking the combo, some of my worst symtoms are still gone so maybe it was the Blasto causing them and not the E. His. I have taken so much for Blasto, I also fear the next antibiotics I take (from Dr Cahill) will cause candida or bad gut flora due to major combo I took in May. If you check out curezone & read up on this forum you will see others who have take CDD & did not get well - then were cured by Cahill.
Just thought I'd share because I would have loved to have all of this info when I began my journey in this.!!

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Aug 14 12 8:47 PM

Dear Ara, 

I am diagnosed with helicobacter and (since today) SIBO as well, though not to that big amount. 

I would get tested for helicobacter asap, just in case (those bugs let everyone in, including SIBO).
The next step is SCD diet. The diet was designed to change the gut flora from top to bottom on the long run. It has helped people with crohns, SIBO, IBS, Ulcers (me), colitis, autism, CFS etc. 

Look up my very restrictive version in the diet section. I have also posted some recipe ideas. It will be hard, and you need to find your own version of it, but it is so worth it! 
I was in pain from that stupid ulcer for 2 years, everyday (also had parasites and whatnot), and I have just restarted the SCD diet a one and a half  weeks ago, this time more restrictive. Today is the 4th day without pain. 
I know it sounds crazy, and I would not believe myself. But under the circumstances we are in, this is the last straw, and it works. It needs work, and patience, and it will be ups and downs, but give it a try for 30 days. You have nothing to loose at this point. 

I also started my own page named edible health, where I will try to post at least once a week. The recipes are things that I have tried, the pics are mine. 

Good luck, and write me if you have second thoughts, questions or motivational troubles, are in need of a recipe or just whatever. 
BTW, SCD is not my invention, that was a lady named Elaine Gottschall in the early 50s. There are some really great pages out there for more info, especially my dear crazy boys Jordan and Ryan from scd lifestyle. They make awesome podcasts. Their book is more for boys who never cooked before, but very easy to understand. 

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Aug 15 12 5:09 AM

Hello Ara,

I am so sorry knowing how difficult things are for you but I can relate. Welcome you to the forum and I hope you find some clues to treating your illness here. I am wondering if you have diarrhea and/or constipation.  The first hydrogen test I had showed off the chart hydrogen levels and very high methane; yet I have had mostly constipation since my troubles began.

Have you ever had a test for parasites? It could be possible you have some. AnnaKat recently had hers treated. Parasites can complicate things greatly and be the reason your SIBO returns after antibiotics. They can eat the bacteria in your colon and also interfere with digestion.  You might consider a simple parasite stool test or a Metamatrix test to do a DNA scan of your stool for bacteria counts, parasites and chemical analysis measuring how well you are digesting and showing nutritional problems.

Dr. Leo Gallard and Dr. Kevin Cahill are names that come up often as good doctors in NYC area. I think Gallard does IBS & SIBO and parasites while Cahill is a parasite doc. . They might be able to help.

It seems clear that antibiotics aren't working for you and you need a new approach. Have you tried any diets like SCD, GAPS, FODMAP, etc?  Hope to hear from you.


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