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Oct 25 15 11:18 AM

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Hi All, since several of you have enquired about my diet I am posting an update here.

As some of you know, I was making good prgress with my diet, and although wasn't completed 'cured' I felt much, much better than I did. However, to test things, I had some sweet food (fruit) and this set me back a few weeks. So I wasn't comfortable releasing the diet as I felt that while it was helping (I suspect was just not feeding the parasite) it was not eradicating cysts or penatrating biofilms. So I have started a few other experiments (some already proving to be useful). I only want to put the diet up if I am reasonably sure it works.

In the meantime I want to suggest a few things for those of you who are still battling on.

These are some of the things that are not diet-related that I feel helped me most:

- Colon cleanses with Wormwood, Black Walnut and Cloves. This is a pretty standard protocol.
- Liver flushes. These have been a significant help.
- Coffee enemas. 
- Saunas (with cold showers after each 15 minutes). A brilliant detoxier - that helps get rid of toxins created by the nasty bugs.

With regards to diet, I suggest a Paleo-type diet, BUT stay away from anything 'sweet'/sugary - including all fruit. (Occasional berries are fine, not strawberries though.) I also suggesting drinking 2 litres of natural mineral water a day, split after meals (after 2 hours after eating). Exercise (particualrly anything that involves stretching) is also proving helpful. Also try a little red wine with your evening meals (cabernet sauvignoun or merlot).

I hope you are all doing well and that this is of use for you in the meantime, and I hope to get the diet up one day... if I crack it!

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Oct 26 15 2:35 AM

Hunting season has started here and I walk and climb 4 or 5 times a week with about 40 lbs of gear.  It seems my protozoans are concentrated in my ball in socket joints and climbing and shooting a bow help out trenmendously.  Diet is very important, but exercise for me is also.  I don't think I have multiple bugs like many of you do.  Many of you have a problem detoxing because your systems are overloaded with debris.  I just think I have a protozoan. 

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Oct 26 15 11:22 PM

Thanks to both of you for the insights. For me avoiding processed foods, avoiding fresh dairy, increasing organic fruits (which do not cause a problem) and vegetables. I detox constantly with some well tested protocols, got to keep the liver open using milk thistle / choline / acupoints / lecthin. Drink mineral rich water and take a cadre of supplements including a focus on antioxidants. Turmeric and ashwaghanda have been a big help. I made the most improvement by killing the infection - which is still present but at lesser populations. I like the stretching/exercise ideas - this prevents stagnation in the body, gets the blood flowing. 

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