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Jul 10 15 2:39 AM

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I posted some studies on the use of hemp oil and its beneficial outcomes. These positive outcomes come from cannabinoids (CBG & CBD) which have abilities to stop the resistance of pathogens. The resistance occurs mostly from the ND1 protein found in some pathogens.

ND1 = efflux pump = MDR (multiple drug resistance) = SuperBugs. (think MRSA and others)

My experience with hemp oil has been favorable. Used alone provided minimal effects. Adding to my antimicrobials made a big difference. 

My conclusion is that hemp oil is effective when used with other antimicrobials. It is inexpensive, accesible and legal. 

(my base protocol is made of goldenseal leaf (not root) to provide stopping efflux pumps, neem, graviola, caprylic acid as antimicrobials. I am also experimenting with Siberian Ginseng with Jiagoluan tea which have some inhibitory effects. I mix in a little DMSO which acts as a carrier which means it can help the herbs penetrate inside the cells. Studies have been conducted on the use of DMSO to potentiate antibiotics.)  I have experimented with calendula (marigold) tea, chai tea which have helped as well. These infections must be hit from all angles and observations can be made to see if they are resistant. 

I have used the above protocol for over a year with continued improvement. Abdomen was distended and continues to decrease due to the lack of inflammation caused by the parasites. I have carried this parasite for many years and caused debilitating fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain and many other problems. I am now able to work 40 hours with too much of a problem. Some of the neurological problems caused by the infection are lessening. This has been one helluva journey :) 


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