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Jul 21 15 2:19 AM

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I won't get into the background behind it, but here is a simple test that I discovered that any of you can do to see if you have a lithium deficiency.  As soon as you get up in the morning and before eating or drinking,  weigh yourself on a set of accurate scales.  Take a shower, dry off good, and then weigh immediately after getting out.  If the weights are different, you are low on lithium.  I have tested this on myself for quite a while and it has been accurate each time.  If I supplement with lithium orotate 5mg three times a day, my weight does not change.  If I don't supplement, it will vary up or down after showering depending on what I have been doing and eating the day before.  I would love to get feedback from some of you as you are most likely deficient of lithium as well.
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