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Jun 4 15 3:46 PM

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Anyone know of any doctors in the U.S. that know how to treat this??

A pcr stool test my neurologist ordered came back positive with blasto, h pylori and candida. What doctor will actually know how to treat this?

I've heard Dr. Cahill doesn't even think it is pathogenic so it may be a waste of time and money to go to him again.

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Jun 8 15 3:11 AM

Dr. Stensvold has a blog - he is considered the top researcher -- there is a Facebook group. Problem w/ BH is the subtypes, something like 11 pathogenic strains and no set protocol for any of them. has lots of stories with different combinations, usually 2-3 drugs in the cocktail. I would start with Caprylic Acid and/or Monolauric Acid - I know of someone who eradicated them with this. Graviola has some good properties and a few other herbs. I would try this before jumping on the drugs. Drug therapies range from Tinidazole, Nitazoxanide, Septra, Diloxanide Furoate which is hard to find, Paromycin and some others.

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Jun 8 15 1:27 PM

Hi - I am currently writing a protocol which I feel has helped, or eradicated my Blasto.

Part of the active component against it was... a small amount of red wine with my evening meals - if you want to try that. Obviously I used other anti microbial as well, but I noticed marked improvements after adding the red wine.

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Jun 9 15 2:07 PM

Thanks for the ideas. I can try out Caprylic Acid but I can't imagine that fully killing this stuff off judging by the treatments recommended for them. H Pylori seems like it can take a lot of antibiotics as well as blasto. I can give it a shot though. I am also getting in contact with a doctor from New Mexico who I've heard treats parasites, will see what ideas she may have.

I'm open to having a bit of wine but I also have candida, lyme disease and probably flukes as well which from what I know may feed off of alcohol so that may make it a little more complicated in that regard. I was thinking of taking oregan oil and neem capsules too, if it had a chance of helping.

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