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Apr 20 15 6:10 AM

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hello all
about me: hepatitis c ~20years (failed 72 interferon/ribavirin tx 2008) - gastritis duodenum since 2006, blasto detected in stool test last nov by genova diagnostics, pain about four fingers below liver since 2006, on low carb high fat eating  (hasnt made any diff to pain but stabalised energy levels)

been reading the blasto thread, it seems easier to clear hep c than blasto? i saw ozone has not worked for people, was that using medical grade and if so how long did they they maintain the protocol.  I have been taking low dose naltraxone for 24 months (hep c viral load dramatically reduced), tried mms many times, i dont know if my pain is caused from hep or blasto or something else. The gastritis seems to be the cause of the pain but the NHS keep prsecribing ppis which make it worse, i have low stomach acid if anything. I did the baking soda test 3 days in a row and didnt burp although now i do. 

I just purchased a medical grade ozone unit and am doing rectal with 99.5% oxygen, been doing 50gamma for a cpl of weeks and drinking ozonated water, my pain has def subsided; placebo? we shall see, had the same with other treatments, i also do pemf and rife (spooky2 - contact and remote), good to find a forum specific to blasto.


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Apr 20 15 10:15 AM

Hello from a fellow Blasto sufferer.

If you've never seen Blasto, you can see mine here :p

I haven't got any experience clearing Hep C, but think my protocol has successfully cleared (or severely diminished numbers of) Blasto and should help pretty much most 'bad bugs', including viruses. Is this something you are interested in? If so PM me your email address and I will try to help.

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May 2 15 1:07 PM

luigi - if you need help with the ozone stuff, let me know. Here is my blog post on ozone

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