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Sep 3 14 5:57 PM

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Hi guys, I'm a long itme lurker, but reading your posts with keen interest. One of the things I miss the most is some identifying stats I can compare myself with. 

Here are mine:

32 years old
70 kg 180 cm
Been living and traveling a lot in developing countries (Caribbean, Africa, SE Asia)
Conditions: GERD (for which I have taken PPIs every day for a year, on GI doc's recommendation)
Symptoms: Abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, constipation, occasional mucus and blood on toilet paper after passing stool, fatigue and lack of focus.
Been diagnosed with e histolytica two times (the first time I had continuous diarrhea) over the last 8 months by docs I don't trust (in developing countries).
Medicine taken:
- 1st time Tinidazole 2g before going to bed for 3 days, followed by 500 mg of Paromomycin x3/day for 7 days. Result = diarrhea stopped but abdominal pains continued. 
- Pains continued for 7 months so I went back to doc who found EH again.
- 2nd time Metronidazole 500 mg x3/day for 7 days, followed by Paromomycin 750 mg x3/day for 7 days. Result = nothing helped.

I have read all kinds of medical articles as I trust that more than alternative stuff, but I have to admit that the continuous pains forced my hand; I am willing to try anything to get well. I need to focus to be able to perform at work, but the stoamch issues are tapping me for energy and demanding my constant attention. I found a Chris Kresser who points outthe dangers of constant PPI use for GERD, saying it can lead to bacterial overgrowth that needs to be managed otherwise. 

Do any of you think you have SIBO or another type of bacterial overgrowth, instead of any pathogenic protozae? The only reason I am starting to think so is that I have really bad reactions to sugar and carbs. 

Hope to hear from you all! 
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Sep 4 14 2:33 AM

Thanks for posting.   Did you review the Dr. Cahill threads as far as length of treatment and meds?   The first treatment with Tin/Paro had effect but perhaps the length of treatment was not suffice, looks like the 2nd treatment was longer but no effect.   I don't think there is much difference between Tini and Metro except Tini is preferred due to lower side effects.  

The gut microflora is a complex environment,  parasites and antibiotics change that terrain which can allow for dysbiosis (allowing other organisms to proliferate.   Do you have access to testing with other labs such as ParaWellness? 

I would think there are alternatives to PPIs which I have listed below.   Magnesium deficiency is known to proliferate GERD and one article states that other mineral loss can contribute to it.    If the reason to take is due to a high acid environment then adding buffering minerals (magnesium, sodium and potassium and possibly calcium) should fix it.   Alkalizing with sodium bicarbonate may well fix it.   We have a pharmacist that posts here, so hopefully he chimes in.

Regarding SIBO, I think they can do a breath test to diagnose.   This article says long term use of PPIs encourages SIBO.

From what I have read, a lack of digestive enzymes allows for SIBO to increase.   


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Sep 4 14 4:19 AM

I would think you do have an inappropriate GI flora.  GERD often happens because pathogens like H. pylori sequester metals.  This helps them survive and proliferate.  When they do, good bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium decrease in numbers.  Like linenup said, people with GERD often have mineral deficiencies and H pylori infected people often have a deficiency of Manganese.  They often have ketone  production and excess acid with increased Aluminum levels.  In the long run, this increases acetylcholine and decreases phosolipid levels. 

What to do?  If I knew that, I'd be rich and retired by now.  I'd work on getting rid of the Aluminum first, add in the proper minerals next, and then work on killing the microbes.  Start a good probiotic like Florajen3 or Ortho Biotic.  Use Pectasol-C powder to reduce metals (Zeolite may help but I don't think it works as well.)  What minerals you add depends on your symptoms and the results of any tests the physicians ran.  It unfortuneately takes more than a couple minutes to determine what path you take so I can't help you with that.  I do know what you eat can greatly help or hinder your progress. 

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Sep 6 14 12:01 AM

Thanks for all the replies!

Thank you linenup! I’ve read almost all the posts here, several times. Yeah, like Briboy, I actually upped my Paromomycin dose, as my doc prescribed 500 mg (I took 750 mg tid). I am wondering, though, if it’s only the recovery period that I am feeling. I don’t have any reliable labs here. I bought Cahill’s book and read that misdiagnosis by inexperienced lab technicians is pretty common – I can only imagine what it is in this country (Indonesia). But I hope the can do something relatively easy, like the SIBO test. I’m going to check it out, and then get back to you again.

FL 1953, what I wouldn’t pay to get a good probiotic here! The only probiotic they sell here, in all the places I’ve seen, is Acidophilus, with Pectin (whatever that is). I still take it, but maybe it’s just not the right thing. When if I go back to the US again, maybe next year, I’ll buy some good ones (if I haven’t miraculously recovered by then!).

Does anyone here have a success story? If so, did you have a bad recovery period? I have continued blood on toilet paper, bloating, cramps, and fatigue/difficulty to focus. I have also started to get these needle pin/stabs in my right quadrant, creeping up towards my right shoulder, but mostly staying below the collarbone. This makes no sense as the antibiotics should have helped with those symptoms.. right? Well, I only stopped the antibiotics a couple of days ago, so maybe it will get better. Though, I doubt it; it has been the same, if not worse.

Also, linenup and ebrooker, I am getting myself off of those PPIs I do not want to take them for the rest of my life. I think I tried too many things at once though, so now I don’t know what is a symptom of what. I restricted sugar and carb intake, stopped PPIs, took antibiotics..

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Sep 6 14 4:31 PM

Make your own super-probiotics: cabbage rejuvelac and sauerkraut. Also try Milk Kefir. I have noticed positives from all three.

I would personally be wanting to get off the PPIs asap - they screw with mineral absorption which will have you in a downward spiral.

Also, why not get your own microscope? You can't beat fresh samples - particularly as some protozoa degrade quickly when exposed to oxygen, such as blasto and DF.

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Oct 22 14 12:33 AM

Hi all, so I just thought I'd give you an update. I always find it frustrating when people fall off the forums after treatments work or don't work.

I have good news! I am feeling a lot better, say nearly perfectly healthy. I can't describe how happy I am as I was sick for a full year. I thought I would have to quit my job, give up my family, and move to my mother's basement living in solitude and pain.

In September, after I wrote my first topic on this forum I went to Singapore to see a professional gastroenterologist. They don't have adequate ones - doctors or equipment - in Indonesia; exacerbated by the fact that they don't allow foreign doctors to practice in the country (an effort to promote local employment). The gastroenterologist suggested I do both a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy. I did both and the results came up normal, like with so many of you. Some irritation in the descending colon which could explain the bleeding.

He wasn't very talkative and didnt seem very interested, which demotivated me. I couldn't get much out of him, besides a generic forward of the test results. I didn't understand much of it but gathered it wasn't anything serious. So what explained all the pain, bloating, fogginess, blood, and fatigue? He didn't really know but suspected Tropical Sprue, for which he gave me Doxycycline 100 mg, another antibiotic, to take twice a day. I looked up the "suspect" before starting the treatment, and it was further away from any of my symptoms than any of the other problems I feared (I was basically down to Crohn's, IBS, SIBO, cancer, Amobeasis). I practically had none of the symptoms of Tropical Sprue and still think he is wrong. BUT, out of desperation I decided to take the drugs and three weeks in (of a 1 month cure) I feel fantastic!

Now, I stopped PPIs as well, so that may explain the recovery. But all in all, I feel cured. I'll get back to you in a month or so. I might get worse again when I stop the antibiotics, but at least I know something that helps.

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Oct 22 14 2:10 AM

Great news and thanks for coming back and sharing! They say they do not know the baseline problem though the article states that infections are likely to cause the problem. Happy to hear of your recovery.

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Apr 8 15 1:42 AM

Almost six months later, I just wanted to update you all the yearlong illness I had (E Histolytica according to one doc and Tropical Sprue according to another) is fully gone. This is definitely NOT a professional medical advice, but the one month cure of Doxycycline 100 mg twice a day seems to have cured me. Ask your doc if it is good for you, if all else has failed.

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Apr 10 15 5:30 PM

Sure, I am going to write it up for you all (and put it up on a dedicated site). Though, its not just about herbals or antimicrobials - it's also about detoxification, healing etc; through things like daily saunas, monthly liver flushes etc (these two in particular I felt helped me significantly).

How are you feeling at the moment LU? If you are feeling desperate I'll try and get something to you by email sooner.

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