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Mar 8 15 2:15 PM

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This is about a psychiatrist Dr Parish who became sick himself. He found he had parasites. He treated himself and he got better. Then he dedicated his practice to treating his patients for parasites. He did not do stool tests because they gave false negative manytimes and he found them useless. He did swabbing the mucus of the rectum. He found parasites like Giardia ( very very hard to find in the stool and your doctor lied to you if he told you otherwise). He found entamoeba. He found even worms and many other parasites. The government took his license because of negligence and mal practice. But the real reason was that he was an orthodox doctor who did not followed pharmaceutical sponsored books protocols. He was a threat to the psychiatrist industry and the pills they could presribe for a long period of time and all the money they can get from prescriptions. It is a real conspiracy against good healthy. Pharmaceutical industry is for profit not for health.

I think Shrimpy was not wrong when you think about it. Maybe he was right. These useless tests cannot find anything. I did metametrix and found nothing. Simple microscopic test found entamoeba.hartmanni.$FILE/ATTI0XSQ/lc075354.pdf
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Mar 9 15 4:10 PM

PCR is good. But if your sample does not contain any DNA, it can give false negative too. It seems that stool tests are not very sensitive and real doctor should not rely on one test. He must order as many test as he could. Swabbing the rectum is far more sensitive than collecting stool. Bugs live on the tissue. Stools are just excrements, They might or not contain some cysts if the technician is lucky to find any.

The charges against this doctor are lies and fallacies. I think they did not like the ozone treatment he was doing.  

Most antidepressants are serotonin reuptake inhibitors or inhibitors of MOA which degrades serotonin. Parasites and fungus  produce serotonin and it increases their virulence. Imagine if someone has a parasites an he is giving antidepressant. The infection will go wild and probably he will become more depressed.

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