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Jan 30 15 5:20 PM

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Maybe we can compile a list?

Metametrix still going?
What's DRG like?

Any others available in the UK?
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#4 [url]

Feb 5 15 4:37 PM

Once I was reading articles about PCR and I ended up reading one case article of a child with strange gastro intestinal disease. They run all the tested and he was negative for the common bugs. Then They did PCR bacterial identification test and they found the bug causing his trouble. It was a rare bacterial infection. With the right antibiotics, they cured him. It was a French hospital. Right testing is important. Bacterial infections are in the rise and many bacteria cannot be cultuvate in the petri dish. But with PCR 12 S identification, at least you can tell if there is a bug and if yes which one. Of course, this goes for parasites and fungus as well. 

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