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Nov 23 14 3:04 AM

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I went to Kansas hunting a couple of weeks ago and carried 45 or 50 lbs of gear up and down those Kansas hills for a week.  I had no popping joints, no sleep issues, and no signs of having any type of protozoal infection.  The exercise increased blood flow enough to clear almost all of the protozoans IMO.  I did eat restaurant food the entire week which is very different from my typical diet.  Once I got home, it took 3 to 4 days of not exercising for the mucus/biofilm to start reforming around my epiglottis.  A couple days later, the joint popping came back as did the sleep problems.  I was sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night.  My stools changed to a lighter color and they became more of a chalky texture.  I read a lighter colored stool could mean I had decreased biliary drainage so I took an All in One multivitamin and a Pancreatic/VDR FOK relief capsule from Yasko.  I slept 5 to 6 hours the next two nights which is closer to normal for me now.  IMO, the joint popping and sleep issues are from an increase in protozoan growth and their removal by my immune system.  So many were being killed that it overloaded my system and I couldn't get rid of the by products fast enough.  It is my opinion that for any treatment protocol to work, exercise will have to be major part of the protocol. 
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Nov 29 14 2:26 AM

Thanks for posting. The chalky color is from lack of bile as you mentioned. Choline, taurine, methionine are primary in this process. The liver is always attacked in these chronic infections. For me toxin removal is a constant process. I wonder if you are simply increasing the metabolic rate by the exercise which in turn is getting everything moving.

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Dec 3 14 5:04 AM

I could find mold in peripheral blood smears and got a new HVAC with UV light filter.  I haven't seen mold/yeast in smears since.  Never got my HLA checked. 

Exercise does increase metabolism but my urinary output didn't increase like it usually does.  I can usually see a definite change in output.  I now have arthritis/bursitis in my left shoulder and never had it there before.  It is debilitating.  Oddly enough, I can still shoot my bow without pain and that made it hurt less the next day.  I'm going to stop my daily walnuts because I'm thinking they have caused too much oxidative stress and I just can't process that many protozoans at one time.  Walnuts can cause serious effects on me.  No other nut does.  (Walnuts have the hightest concentration of napthoquinone poly phenols.) 

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Dec 3 14 5:11 AM

linenup wrote:
An interesting article concerning immunity and strenuous exercise

One thing I know very well is exercise.  I have trained under the best in North America and learned how things work.  I was training when all this happened and that is how I found out what was wrong.  Had I not been training, I wouldn't have known there was a problem.  Mild to moderate exercise really helps me now, strenuous exercise isn't possible and would be detrimental.  I have a CBS mutation that causes me to be sensative to cysteine containing foods.  My Kreb Cycle doesn't function properly due to a missing component that has been depleted due to my illness.  I haven't tried to find out what it is yet, but something is definitely not working right.  My guess is that I am deficient of an essential component and we all have deficiencies due to our bacterial/protozoal composition.  This is why disease occurs.

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